WALK-A-THON – Thompson Park on the 10th of September 2017

WALK-A-THON – Thompson Park on the 10th of September 2017

“THENNAMARAVADI” is an ancient village which is situated at the northern tip of the Eastern Province between the North and the East.

Prior to 1984, a closely knit self-sufficient and self-reliant community of 242 families lived peacefully in this village .They were primarily engaged in Agriculture, Cattle farming and fishing for their livelihood.

In the year 1984 the village was completely scorched and destroyed due to the prevailing violent situation. Many villagers were killed .Those who escaped fled to the neighboring Mullaitivu District to safeguard their lives and sought refuge. During their stay as refugees in Mullaitivu many more perished when they were trapped in the battle zone in the final conclusion of the Sri Lanka war in 2009.

Almost for over twenty five years the inhabitants of Thennamaravady were unable to return to their native village due to the violence in and around their village. The fear situation has changed in the recent past paving the way for them to return to their village. So far only 82 families have returned and another 279 families are yet to return to their village. These displaced families are continuing to lead an impoverished life as refugees in various places in the Northern Province.

Those who have resettled are confronted with many challenges without proper housing, lack of medical facilities, inadequate transportation, devoid of opportunities to find employment for their livelihood, threat to life by wild elephants and various other obstacles and impediments hindering their progress to lead a happy and meaningful life.

With the sole aim of helping these resettled people , to rehabilitate and enhance their economy, a viable plan has been formulated to set up a farm which incorporates a combination of cattle farming, planting coconut and inter-crop cultivation at a cost of 100.000 (One hundred thousand) Canadian dollars .

We propose to utilize the entire collection of funds to be raised on the 10th day of September 2017 at the fundraising event, “Walk-A-Thon”, at Thompson Park, sponsored by the Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) for the rehabilitation of the people of “THENNAMARAVADI”.

We request you to take part in this fund raising “Walk -A -Thon” and donate whatever that you can for the reconstruction of the ancient historical village “THENNAMARAVADI” for the economic betterment of the resettled indigenous people.
Canadian Tamil Congress

Trincomalee Welfare Association

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