The Summary Dismissal of the Ministers was Unwarranted to say the least

The summary dismissal of the Ministers was unwarranted to say the least

We publish below two letters addressed to Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran by two eminent persons  expressing their disapproval of dismissing  ex Minister T. Gurukularajah, an eminent educationalist and a man of impeccable character who worked tirelessly to introduce reforms in the educational system.  His integrity is beyond reproach.  Apparently, an egocentric Chief Minister acted rashly and irresponsibly in calling for his resignation without subjecting the report of the Inquiry Commission to a  review. The summary dismissal of the Ministers without review was unwarranted to the least.  Apparently, the Chief Minister has not come down from his judicial bench and his mentality as a Supreme Court Justice.

Now the one million dollar question? Who is going to  investigate the numerous allegations of  corruption and irregularities pertaining to the 13 ministries the Chief Minister  in charge?


Dear Chief Minister,

I support the observation of Dr. Thayalan.

I have known and interacted with Mr. Gurukularajah since 1994. His devotion to education is exemplary. His achievement during the last three years is recognised by the National Education Commission and the MOE from February 2014. You supported him and know of his service and his method of operation.

When Mr. Gurukularajah assumed office, he could have taken reforms based on his experience in the NorthEast and Northern Education positions he held.  But he decided to set up a Review Committee of more than 60 educators and eminent persons.  He carried out the recommendations with the approval of the Board of Ministers and the Governor. He took decisions with consultation and much thought and do not rush even if he was pushed to made quick decisions.

I have read the Report of your committee that was circulated in the internet.  I have also read the Minister of Education’s response to the accusations that he had submitted to you after it was submitted to you. In my view he has answered all accusations satisfactorily.

NPC and the NorthEast Tamils, though we came out of 30 years  till 2015 of non-democratic governance has lost experience in democratic governance understandably so.  NPC and the Tamils have failed because of feudalistic approach in our lives. I hope the past three years have taught us to govern ourselves better than we did during the last 3 years.

You have lost the dedicated and well informed services of a great educator and humanitarian with high integrity well beyond the norm.

Nagalingam Ethirveerasingam. Ph.D.

Dear Chief Minister,

I along with many others am very upset at the shambles that is the Provincial Government at present for which I am afraid you need to take a share of responsibility.If there is one thing we Tamils are consistent about is our ability to not just regularly shoot ourselves in the foot but do so in both feet simultaneously! If there is any silver lining to be seen in this chaotic situation I am afraid I am not seeing it.

I heard a little earlier that Mr.Gurukularajah, the Education Minister, has handed in his letter of resignation to you in person.You would have seen my letter to him.

One of the single greatest achievements of your governement was the inspired decison that Mr.Gurukularajah took to set in motion the biggest review of education done in this country.You were present when the review and its recommendations were released to great fanfare in the Vembadi Girls’ School a few years ago.It was this reveiw that then inspired the Strategic Management Plan in Health.

Along with many others I have had the privilege to serve on these education committees and have spent many hours of my time over the past three years participating in meetings and workshops.Many enlightened decisions on improving education and facilities for children in our schools were taken and happily some of them also implemented though much remains to be done.

This has now been put at risk by the political paralysis that has been created by the complete mishandling of running a provincial government.

Kindly give a reassuarance to the Education ministry and all of us serving in its committees that the recommendations of the review will continue to be implemented, who ever may be in charge. The reveiw document and its recommendations is owned by your governement and therefore you have a responsibility to ensure that this work continues.

The alternative is that your governement will limp along as a lame duck one till the NPC elections next year if one is not called sooner (which might well be the best option).

I hope you can reassure us regarding the implementation of the education reforms.

Yours sincerely,

Dr.Thayalan Ambalavanar

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