Rules for holding Heroes´ Day event

“Those to be worshipped in the temple of heart!

The heroes (Martyrs) do not die by time, they are creators of time.”

  • The national leader of Tamil Eelam, V. Prabhakaran.

The history of our heroic liberation is written by the blood of these heroes. Their deaths are not meaningless deaths.

The death of these soldiers has become a strong force behind our history, the lifeblood of our struggle, and the driving force behind the determination of our fighters. These heroes will never die by time, they are sculptures of freedom, the have sowed the seeds of a great liberation uprising in our soil. The great martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the well-being, self-respect and protection of our race are the one who should be worshipped in the temple of our hearts from time to time.

A freedom fighter is not an ordinary human being who lives an ordinary life. He is an idealist, who live for a higher ideal, who lives for the liberation of others. His is without selflessness, his life is noble. He dares to dedicate his life to the ideal of meaningful freedom. Therefore, freedom fighters are rare human beings, they are extraordinary human beings.

“Thirst of the Tigers is the homeland of Tamileelam.”


–  The national leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Heroes´Day Guide!

Heroes’ Day (November 27)

The hero will dedicate himself completely for the liberation of the nation and will destroy the enemy with a bomb. He is a martyr who made history with his own blood. He is a hero who created and stood as a monument of liberation of Tamil Eelam. He will fly as white flowers as a flame of liberation in Tamil Eelam. The hero is a new seed in for the liberation of Tamil Eelam.

Why are they heroes (martyrs)?

They died for Tamil ethnic liberation. They were awake when the nation was asleep. They imprisoned their emotional fires within themselves. They kissed their affections bye for the affectionate bonds of the nation. They said farewell to their own schooling for their schoolmates. They were the ones who woke up sleepless while the rest of the city slept. They stood as fence statues around the border. They lost their legs and arms for their people! Heroes’ Day was confirmed on the soil of Tamil Eelam for the heroes who died for national liberation. This uprising day has also been declared as the National Day of Tamil Eelam.

The Tamil Eelam Nation has declared November 27 as Heroes´ Day / Martyrs’ Day in memory of Satyanathan (Shankar), the first LTTE martyr.

Tamil Eelam celebrates this holy day passionately every year. Remembering the martyrs.

The days of the Heroes´ Day begin on November 25th and end on November 27th. Before November 25th, Tamil Eelam is being decorated and sanctified everywhere to celebrate the days of martyrs. Heroes’ monuments, places of photography, houses, streets, educational institutions, public places, and offices are all decorated by the people individually and collectively.

All these will be decorated in the memory of the heroes´ and Tamil Eelam will be in a new glory.

 Heroes´ Days 25th – 27th

The Heroes’ Days will begin emotionally following the hoisting of the National Flag at 8 am on the opening day. The whole of Tamil Eelam will be decorated with flower wreath. All the people of Tamil Eelam will attend the decoration ceremony day and the memory events.

No other festivities, celebrations, anything will take place these days. Unnecessary entertainment and unwanted situations will disappear. Bars will be closed and alcohol will be stopped.

The national anthems of liberation will be played in every house. People will participate, creatively, in creative activities, and in Heroes’ Day events, section by section.


Teachers will clarify to the students in advance the glory of the heroes and the glory of the day of the heroes (martyrs). Schools will be decorated.

The national flag will be hoisted at 9.00 am on November 25 and the memory meetings and art performances will be held in schools. The students will also be involved in social services in memory of the heroes. Patriotism is fertilized in the full integration of students and they participated in decorating floral tributes to the heroes.

 Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day November-27

The heroes who sacrificed their lives for the Tamil Eelam Liberation War should be praised in their generation. Their heroism, deeds should be told to the people. Heroes’ Day is an establishment of our leader, based on the premise that the parents and families of these heroes should not be upset and sad.

As the number of heroes who died in the war of the liberation of Tamil Eelam has risen from ten to one hundred to thousands. It is not possible to remember each and every hero individually every year on the day of his death. Our leader has choose November 27th as their memorial day after the first LTTE martyr, Shankar, and declared the day as Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day in 1989.

Our national leader has created a new history and added innovation to the world in the liberation struggle. While our leader Prabhakaran is amassing many victories in the land during the war, he has been guiding plans to rebuild the country in all spheres. Our leader made us know about the war of pure national liberation, commemorating the heroes who embraced heroism, and launching various projects to change the status of their parents and families.

November 27th 1989 was the first day of Tamil Eelam Heroes´ Day. Since then Tamil Eelam Heroes´ Day has been observed with great fervor by the people of Tamil Eelam and the Tamils of the world as the biggest event of Tamil Eelam.

There are great differences between the celebrations of the Heroes´ Day in other countries and the celebrations of the Heroes´ Day in Tamil Eelam.

All other countries hold ceremonies by post-liberation governments, but not during periods of struggle. But in the midst of the liberation struggle, in the midst of enemy threats and attacks, in the midst of various crises and struggles, the Tamil people are fondly remembering the heroes who laid down their lives for the liberation of Tamil Eelam.

The heroes memorial stones will be decorated with flowers and the homes of the heroes will be decorated and worshiped. On Heroes’ Day all arrangements are made for the parents and families of the heroes to attend the events commemorating the heroes. And on that day they are appreciated by the people of Tamil Eelam.

Nowhere in the world has there been a history of events commemorating heroes like Tamil Eelam heroes being commemorated. And events being held where their parents and family are honored and respected.

 Events and Procedures of the Heroes´ Day

The timing of the Heroes´ Day was changed November 1995. From 1989 November 27th was established as Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day. And from 1990 to 1994 the days November 21st to 27th was established as Heroes´ Week.

From 1995, November 25th to November 27th will be observed as three days of Tamil Eelam Heroes’ Day.

Heroes’ Day begins with the hoisting of the Tamil Eelam National Flag.

Heroes´ Day Opening Events!
01. Light ignition
02. National flag hoisting
03. Flowers worship
04. Internal greetings
05. Pledge
06. Memorials in chronological order.

The inaugural events will take place on all three days of Heroes’ Day.

The hoisting of the National Flag and the events for the Heroes’ Day will begin on November 25th at 8.00 am with the hoisting of the National Flag.

The National Flag will be hoisted at 8.00 am on the 25th at the Heroes´ Memorial Place (Thuyilum Illam) and will be hoisted down on the 27th November after the completion of the Heroes’ Day events.

The flag will be hoisted down at 6.00 pm on the first two days in operational workshops and platforms and will be hoisted up again the next morning.

The flag, which will be hoisted on the morning of November 27, will be hoisted down after the completion of Heroes’ Day events. The National Flag should be hoisted down every day after 12.01 pm and before 6.00 pm in public institutions and schools and hoisted up the next morning.

(Further explanations regarding to the National Flag are given in the special book about how to take care of The National Flag .)

Memory awakening and light ignition

All the people of Tamil Eelam are looking forward intensely on the 27th. At 6.05 pm all temple and church bells will be rung for an hour at the same time everywhere in Tamil Eelam. Following that time all the people at their home will be in internal greetings to the martyrs.

In the middle of the place where the Heroes´ are sleeping (Thuyilum Illam) there will be a large flame planted a little higher on the pedestal. People will flood the grounds with emotional feeling and they light up candles in remembering the sacrifices.

The forerunners of the organization will light up the central flame. The parents and family will light up the martyrs’ memorial stones at the same time. At the same time everyone will light up a flame of the Heroes at the doors of every house.

The flame will be lightning everywhere in Tamil Eelam. The faces of the Heroes will shine in every flame. The flames will spread all over Tamil Eelam. The epics of the martyrs who scarified their life for the Tamil people will been seen in every tears of the Tamil people and the memories of the martyrs will be restored in the senses of every Tamil people.

These are the torch-sacrificing lights. Heroic flames should shine everywhere in Tamil Eelam at this time like stars twinkling in the sky.

A number of candle lights can be lit to commemorate the martyrs. Remember to light candles at the entrance and light big flames in public places.

This fiery event gives determination and feeling to the path of liberation.

 Heroes´ Day November 27th
Night Events

National Leader’s Heroes’ Day Speech!

The National Leaders´ Heroes’ Day speech will take place after 5.50pm, with the soundtrack event set to begin at 6.05pm on November 27th.

Introduction (6.05)!

As soon as the National Leader completes his heroic speech, a man-drop time will be raised in all places of worship at 6.05 am, and all vehicles except life-saving vehicles will be stopped and kept quiet to begin the event.

Silence time (6.06)!

Once the memorial for the heroes is stopped (6.06) a silence time will be paid for the heroes. At this time the people of Tamil Eelam in homes and elsewhere should stand up and remember the heroes in silence.

Lightning of flames (6.07)!

At the completion of the silence remembering (6.07) the main flame (Eegaichudar) should be lightning. And parents and family of the martyrs should stand with their light and candles in front of the martyrs memorial stones. (Arrangements have been made to stand in front of the memorial stones at 5.15.)

Apart from these, people who cannot attend at this event at Thuyilum Illam will light up the canled and lights at their homes and at the public places, offices, playgrounds, factories, etc. And the national flag will be hoisted up and the national song will be played at the same time. (At the time of hoisting up the flag there should not take place of burning the tire in the streets or creating sounds. These should be avoided.)


The decorations for our organization, such memorial days, meetings, Thuyilum Illam, martyrs special event, and all other events, should not be social, religious or any other political. It should only reflect the colors of our national flag.

Our decorations and colors!

Red, yellow, and black – reflecting the national flag. Black can only be used for Black Tigers Day, and Black Tiger related events.

* Red and yellow cloths should be used for the fallen Hero.

* Table should be set in red and yellow. The use of white cloth should be avoided.

* These decorations should uniquely imprint the self-sacrifice and ideals of the heroes in the minds of the people and inspire them to work together to the liberation of our struggle.

Some procedures to follow, early events!
* 1 General flame
* 2 Hoisting up the national flag
* 3 Lightning of candles
* 4 Flower Worship
* 5 Introduction
* 6 Pledge
* 7 Memoir
* 8 The lightning mandatory at all of our martyrs´ events and the electric light should not be used and the time for “Silence time” should not be marked.

 Heroes´ Day Guide

Things to avoid!

Some words should be avoided in the events of martyrs. (Words in Tamil: அஞ்சலிமவுன வணக்கம்மலரஞ்சலிமங்கள விளக்குஅஞ்சலிஉரைஅஞ்சலிக் கூட்டம்.) Words like one minute to two minutes should be avoided to “Silence time”.

Things to include!

Words in Tamilவீரவணக்கம்அகவணக்கம்மலர்வணக்கம்ஈகைசுடர்வீரவணக்க உரைவீரச்சாவுவீரச்சாவுக் கூட்டம்வித்துடல் விதைப்பு.

 The main thing!

The hoisting of the national flag should be avoided at any event after 6.00 pm! If the event go on lately, a light should be shine over the flag. The flag should be seen whole the time.

For whatever reason the national flag should not be folded with a pole. The national flag should be folded and placed on a sacred plate on a table near the pedestal.

 Let the culture be praised!

Heroes’ Day is the most important day in the national days of our motherland, Tamil Eelam.

The sacrifice of these heroes, the children above your lives and our fellow warriors, their feelings, thirst for ideals, dreams are everlasting and sacred. It is a day of remembrance and admiration for the heroic age.

The memories of these heroes will always be with us and behind us. And such remembrance of the heroes will not only be an event, but will grow as a historical trace and culture of our people.

We pray that this lofty event of ours will be promoted emotionally and willingly by all our people.

“The thirst of the LTTE is the homeland of Tamil Eelam.”

Chief of Staff,
Tamil Eelam Heroes´ Day
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

Referance: Maaveearr-naal-kaijedu

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