Unwarranted Character Assassination of myself and M.A. Sumanthiran, MP PC, Sri Lanka

March 01, 2021
56 Littles Road
Scarborough, ON

Madam Michelle Bachelet Jeria
High Commissioner for Human Rights
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais Wilson
52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland. (Telephone: +41 22 917 9220
Email: InfoDesk@ohchr.org)

Unwarranted Character Assassination of myself and M.A. Sumanthiran, MP PC, Sri Lanka

Dear Madam Commissioner,

I received an email from S.V. Kirubakaran who is the contact person for the Human Rights organization styled Tamil Center for Human Rights – TCHR France. It is operating from 9, rue des Peupliers – 95140 Garge les Gonesse – FRANCE.  Its website http://www.tchr.net/ gives no information regarding address, names of officials, mission statement etc. A Google search gives the name of the contact person as S.V. Kirubakaran. Tamilwin website and radio which interviewed Kirubakaran describes him as a Director of TCHR.

Recently Kirubakaran gave an interview to TV Lankasri (https://www.tamilwin.com/politics/01/269324 and //www.youtube.com/embed/WBUvtyNts34?rel=0″) based in Switzerland. In that interview, he singled out MA Sumanthiran MP and vehemently criticized him without any basis what so ever. He circulated the interview via email to his contacts including myself on 23 February 2021.

Vin Mahalingam, Secretary of Canada TNA too received a copy of the email and he commented as follows:

“Who are the people who let loose this Kirubakaran who says elected representative like Sumanthiran and Sampanthan cannot speak on behalf of our people?”. I replied to him as follows:

Good question. The same question arose in my mind too. How qualified is Kirubakaran to criticize the TNA or Sumanthiran in France? It is the TNA that decides who should see whom. The TNA has given the power to Sumanthiran to handle foreign affairs. This is an intra-party affair.

Apparently, Kirubakaran has been managing this human rights centre organization solo for the last 32 years. Can anyone tell me a little bit about what he achieved? It was a great achievement to receive the support of the United States in 2011 by talking to US State Department officials. Sumanthiran was instrumental in doing that. An unlettered person like you should think many times before critiquing others. Nakkeeran (my pen name).

In response to my comment, Kirubakaran used offensive, vitriolic, vulgar and slanderous language unbecoming of a person who claims to champion human rights. Human rights include freedom of opinion. If he disagreed with my comment there is a civilized way of responding instead of calling names.  Here is a translation of his email dated 23 February 2021 in English.

1) Old man at least learn now that you can buy respect only if you give respect. You old fox.

2) Who are you? Did you think of us as your tails too?

 3) Are you  the sole representative of the Tamil people?

4) I am more learned than you.

5) Everyone knows what you  did for your living in Sri Lanka

6) Keep your temper tantrums with your stooges.

 7. What Gajan Ponnambalam did you think of me?

8. Shut your mouth you old fox. 

9) What politics for you? You want to be a leader?

10) Don’t do  the rowdism you are doing in regard to Canadian Tamils to us.

11) Is TNA your grandfather’s property?

12) Old man,  at least now learn that you can buy respect only if you give respect.

13) Everyone knows well that you were a street sleeper in Sri Lanka. 
 14) Apart from insulting others what good did you do you old dog.

15)  Keep in mind that the pranks you did with scientist Elagupillai not with us.

16. Who are you? Did you think we are your stooges too?

17. You wear a  silk dhoti and apply sandalwood paste on your forehead, but whom are you trying to cheat you dog.

18. Don’t break your nose like a sheep for your “SU” (Sutmanthiran)

19. Where did   your “SU” (Sumanthiran)  go before?

20. Should I List his treacherous acts during the armed struggle?

21. When the North East was separated by the judiciary, he deceived the Tamil people by claiming that he was prosecuting it.

22. He (Sumanthiran) deceived the Tamil people for five years by claiming that the constitutional proposals were a draft constitution.

23. Your “SU” (Sumanthiran)  lost badly at the parliamentary elections held in 2020.  He went to Parliament by faking politeness Parliamentary Eleanor.

24. As though it is his domestic problem he clandestinely meets the Prime Minister, President and  Ministers alone.  When the matter gets into the public domain he comes out with the story that he talked to them about a political solution.

25. Likewise he goes to foreign missions alone and holds talks.
26. What is happening in Sri Lanka is a racial problem. How can this “Su” hold meetings alone as though it is his domestic affair?

 27.You are lambs. You are justifying everything he does. You should stop advocating for this hypocrite.

28.This “Su” is the worst traitor among Tamil traitors.

29.”As long as there is a cheater there will be cheating victims as well.

30. You sheep understand this. 

31. Apart from this,  let’s  have a debate  you insist that the “rabbit you caught has three legs”

Apart from this, let’s have a debate you insist that the “rabbit you caught has three legs”
He has demonstrated an almost comical inability to offer fair, honest and substantive comment. Obviously, when the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the loser.

I have seen video clips showing Kirubakaran holding side events using UNHRC premises during UNHRC sessions on Sri Lanka accused of committing human rights violations. The question is should UHHRC make available facilities to a person marauding as a human rights activist?

A Press Release (NGO/345) dated 18 May 2000 by UNHRC stated “The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) this afternoon did not recommend the granting of consultative status to the Tamil Centre for Human Rights, following concerns raised about its connection with terrorist activities.” (https://www.un.org/press/en/2000/20000518.ngo345.doc.html)

If the TCHR organization was given Consultative Status subsequently, then I ask the Commissioner to take appropriate action; if any, deemed necessary. He and his TCHR should be taken to task for violating human rights.

In this case freedom of opinion to which he seems to be paying lip service.

Any further information needed will be provided on request.

Yours truly

Veluppillai Thangavelu
Canada Tamil National Alliance

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