Tamils are the original inhabitants of the piece of land which separated when the Kumarik kandam was going under the sea. The world-famous sailor Talamy drew the first map of this piece of land, here you all can see in this document. While drawing Talamy went round the piece of land and naming the places by getting the names from people who were living at that time in those places, finally he named it as Taprobane. When the researchers checked the names given to places in the Early Potalamy Map by Talamy were found in Tamil. He didn’t name it in his own. The people who lived in every place were using these names. Which indicates that there are Tamil Nationals living before the original Ceylon Map came to existence?
When I say this there is a question arises who are Sinhalese, living in Ceylon? According to Mahavamsa, 5th century CE Great Chronicle which was written in Pali by a Buddhist clergy says they are the ancestors of Prince Vijaya from Lala Nagar northern India. Prince Vijayan and his seven hundred notorious friends’ were expelled by the father a king in boats. Those boats reached Mannar, Taprabane. Refugee prince Vijayan who came in that boat saw the Yakkhini queen Quvani who was the original inhabitants of the Yakshas island Taprabane (Ceylon) and married her and became Ceylonese. Later prince Vijayan left her with his two children and got different princes from north India and married her for getting status.

At that time there were no Sinhalese or the Sinhalese language existing, people who lived in Taprabane spoke Yakkhars language which is very early Tamil. .Ceylon government celebrated the 2,500th year of the arrival of Prince Vijaya from North India by printing a postal stamp; I have put the copy of the stamp here. You all can see it very clearly. This stamp proves that the Sinhalese are not the inhabitants of Taprabane (Ceylon).

Tamils were enjoying their birthrights thoroughly when they were ruled by their Tamil kings for more than 404 years. When Portuguese, Dutch, first captured Ceylon, Tamils lost their early rights in several ways. Portuguese and Dutch started destroying worshipping Temples and built churches on it and Tamils were converted to Christians by force so Tamils personal and private life was thoroughly tampered.

They were converted to Christians by force so Tamils HR was thoroughly tampered. They forced Tamils to work for them and disturbed their education. During this time there were three kingdoms one Tamil and two Sinhalese kingdoms. Portuguese and Dutch didn’t disturb any of this; they allowed functioning as it is.

Later British captured Ceylon from the Portuguese and Dutch in 1815. British also destroyed worshipping temples and built churches over it and violated the worshipping rights of Tamils. After ruling for a few years the British found it difficult to control over three different kingdoms to carry out administration from India. They amalgamated or merged all three kingdoms into one and divided into nine provinces by disturbing every one birth rights whether it is Tamil or Sinhalese. British have violated the birthrights of the Ceylon citizen without their wish. Religious and cultural violations are not tolerable to every human who lived there. British also changed the internal structural map of Ceylon to suit their administration. When they do the structural change it was again violating the original historic boundaries of the Tamils, the action went in favour of Sinhalese, which is another violation of the historic birthrights of individual Tamil Nationals.

When British carry out development they were in favour of the majority population who are Sinhalese and deprived the Tamil national’s birthrights. Finally in 1948 British decided to hand over Ceylon to the own people and leave Ceylon, even at that time they have done the biggest birth rights violations to Tamil Nationals by handing over the whole administration of Ceylon in the hands of Sinhalese administrators who were ruling at that time.
British have failed to give back the Tamil’s own historic homeland where they were living from the time Ceylon was formed by separating from Kumaraikandam, which they captured from the Tamil king who ruled Tamils 404 years. Since 1948 Sinhalese administrators well planned and carry out Human Rights violations on innocent Tamils systematically, using parliamentary majority and grabbing land, education, culture, and several other things, through development they are capturing every piece of fertile land with water resources and carrying out illegal colonization of Sinhalese. When it is opposed they bring Sinhala thugs from the south, create riots and kill or chase Tamils from their land and grab that valuable agricultural land.

Until today UNHRC adopted several resolutions against Sinhalese but the Sinhalese never bothered about it. It is happening because UNHRC is playing a soft action in favour to Sinhalese. As a result, Sinhalese are neglecting every resolution by postponing and asking time to get corrected. Here I would like to say that many member countries of UN are in favour to Sinhala government.

Extremist Buddhist monks, with the support of the parliamentarians, build Buddhist Viharas in every Tamil village and its vicinity or neighbourhood. If Tamils oppose they bring Sinhala thugs from the south and create riots, chase the Tamils from their traditional homes and the thugs get hold of the innocent Tamils houses including land. Buddhist monks stay in the viharas with the support of the Sinhala MPs and the thugs. This process of capturing innocent Tamil’s land and colonisation continues until today.

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