The infighting in the UNP is unprecedented

The infighting in the UNP is unprecedented

The infighting in the UNP is unprecedented.  Sajith, Mangala, Kabir Hassim and many others are drawing their knives for Ranil’s throat. Party discipline has been thrown to the winds. Saith is stupid when he claims he is the presidential candidate come sun or rain. Such stupidity will come back to haunt him if by any chance he becomes the Party leader. In this respect hats off to Karu Jayasuriya who has declared in public he will only contest for the post of President if the party decides to nominate him,

Sajith and Mangala little realise that the infighting within the UNP will help neither Sajith or Ranil. It will only help to damage the UNP.

All the Sinhalese politicians are greedy and corrupt, relatively speaking Ranil is above board. I agree with  Shyamon that Ranil cherishes  “values of secularism, anti-racism, genuine reconciliation and modernism…..”The Bond scam took place of Ranil’s poor judgement. Mahendran let him down. He exploited his closeness to Ranil to help his son-in-law Arjun Aloysius.

Ranil is not sensitive to the plight of ordinary citizens. Issue of duty-free vehicle licenses to MPs (225)  and Provincial Council Ministers (455)  was a costly mistake. It drained the Treasury to the bones.  MPs from both sides of the Parliament enriched themselves in selling the permits issued to them. This diminished the image of Ranil as a sensible politician. Another blunder he made was to double the number of members in local bodies to 8356 from 4486 again a drain on the Treasury. The cost of maintaining this staggering figure is 31 billion compared to 1.billion earlier.

Despite the fact that Ranil is the leader of the UNP for 25 years,  some seniors in the party, including Chairman of the UNP  Kabir Kashim as well heavy-weights like Mangala are openly supporting  Sajith does not speak well of his leadership.

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