Muslims, Islamophobia, and International Jihadistic Terrorism Part 1

Muslims, Islamophobia, and International Jihadistic Terrorism Part 1

May 10th, 2019

By Kanthar Balanathan DipEE(UK), DipBus&Adm(Finance-Massey), GradCert(Rel-Eng. Monash), CEng. MIEE

This article does not reflect on all Muslims, however, restricts only to those maniacs with a Nymphomaniac, selfish, self-destruct, murderous, and Muslims with psychological and psychiatric disorders.


It is of the general opinion that the so-called Islamic ethnic groups are like that of a winged termite (Alates) type that reproduces quite rapidly to make the number so large. Termites are a devastating insect that destroys property etc. With democracy in place, the Muslims know that they can capture power if they are large in number. The law in SL has not changed and the Islamic people like to have more than one wife with the intention to proliferate. Although the economic status requires each family to manage their life, the Islamic society does not have any class distinction or any caste distinction and anyone is prepared to do any work, as long as their family can manage. In the early days and even now most of them were doing business everywhere plus smuggling, brothels and drug dealing. (Bangladesh and Bombay are an example). If you see a person in Pettah roadside vendor you can be sure that it may be a Muslim. Most of them do illegal activities alongside with smuggling. The interesting part is that wherever they are they can speak the four languages, Sinhala, Tamil, Urdu, broken pidgin English.

Muslim clerics are engaged in indoctrination and intoxication of educated Islamic youths to program to achieve Islam the only religion and bawl Jihad”. What is Jihad? Quote: struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam”. If Islam is a religion that preaches love, kindness and embraces unity, so said in the Ten Commandments in Christianity, there can be no enemies of Islam. The question arises who define the enemies of Islam. It is the power-crazy, despotic policy and focuses on Islamic power that drives the Muslims to assume that there are enemies of Islam”. Non-Islamic religion is considered enemies of Islam. They are living in a world of imagination.

Islamic clerics have a mindset for rigorously converting Muslim people to enter into Jihad destroy property that does not belong to them so that they can secure them. Islamic people lack in mannerism and self-esteem. They do not have respect for others and have an autocrat attitude. Muslim maniacs want the entire world to practice Islam and become Muslims.

Muslims want Sharia Law in the UK and Europe. Let’s talk of the UK. The UK is an island ruled by the Queen and Kings all along. They conquered countries and had colonies. However, they did not destroy the resources, but developed the colonies, educated the local, some barbarians, made them a civilized society, taught democracy, science, arts, etc. The British carried out infrastructural development in countries where they ruled. The British did not use force to convert the locals to be Christians. It’s the good facts about life and faith in Christianity made the people change their religion to become Christians out of willingness. The same with Catholicism. No force was used to convert people. When Islam and Christianity are compared, Christianity is a much older and worthy religion that preaches people to live together. Christianity does not use force, violence for Law & Order. There is no Christianity Law. However, Muslims came to the UK as refugees, beggars, and illegal immigrants, most of them congregated together in one town or village and proliferated population with intent motivation to conquer the country. Now they want Sharia Law in Walthamstow. Why come to the UK and demand Sharia Law. Their native country is the Middle East. Quote Ref: (i),


It boils down to people intimidating the British constitution and British Law. Muslims talk of openness, honesty, and freedom, however, behaviour in a contradictory way, quote: According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, every year 17,000 Muslim women in Britain become victims of forced marriages, are raped by their husbands or subjected to female genital mutilation — all condoned by more extreme Islamists. These events only happen in Islamic society worldwide. Quote: In the 70s, the East of SriLanka had more Islamic women prostitutes according to a Municipal Health Inspector. Muslim women are treated as COWS by their Islamic men. Muslims talk of Sharia, however, with due respect, majority of the real Cattle Butchers are Muslims.

What is Sharia Law?

The Muslims believe that punishment like cutting the hands, legs, head, stone to death is a stimulating, revitalising, invigorating human punishment and that Muslims will live in harmony. Firstly, Muslim humans shall understand the fact that if they have a high degree of perception and intelligence, such punishment should remove all kinds of inhuman and illegal activities from their society. The important point is: What type of society would require such ruthless and cruel inhuman punishments? Only if the society is under animalistic behavioural psychology. Animals do not understand because they cannot think except killing, eating and reproducing without any fear. Animals have only five senses. Quote: We have the same five main senses as many animals: sighthearingsmelltaste and touch. Our main sense is sight.  Some animals and birds have strong sight as they are creditors.

Therefore, Islamic society has been a rough, rowdy, sex driven, gangster, lawbreaker, asperser, outlaw backbiter, characteristics inborn in them. Islamic society needed weapons to control their society. However, in the old ages, such weapons were not in use, therefore they lead the Mohamed to write merciless, unearthly, eerie, a law called Sharia Law”, which is good enough for Animals. This behavioural pattern of Arabs gave birth to Sharia Law and nothing else. Most Arabs are dirty unclean people at home. They shall be treated as Untouchable”. Their dress indicates why they hide their body both men and women. In the middle east, a desert area people cover their body with Daffah Dishdasha Islamic Arab Kaftan for men and Burka for women. The reason for such clothes is to protect their head and body from the desert sand. Eventually, over time, the laughable, irrational people converted this experience into a religious conviction.

Muslims could be treated as having animalistic behaviour as they have sex with multiple women and behave like animals. History proves that Muslims were responsible for the slave trade of the Africans into Europe, The Americas. What made them not to trade Arabs as slaves, but only the African blacks. Barrack Obama stated that he is proud of Islam and that majority of Muslims live in the USA. Obama is intelligent because of the European blood that flows in his veins. Does not he know that it is the Muslims who traded his ancestors as slaves and that he may be a product of a slave reign family? Every African American should know this and be against Islamic convictions and Arabs. Today majority of African Americans are Christians and have a high degree of perception and intelligence and could be judged as intellectuals, Scientists, researchers, Economists, and Astrophysicists.

Arabs still import knowledge in the form of humans to do their home functions. Engineers, Nurses, Doctors, Labourers, and house workers. Mostly all workers are imported on contract into most of the middle east countries. What is the reason? They have no brain to perform functions to live. People from India (Kerala) live on Arabic wealth, however, under harsh conditions.

Continued in Part 2

MUSLIM MADRASAS – implications for Sri Lanka

May 10th, 2019

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka March 2009

The following is an article I wrote ten years ago, in March 2009, and published in the Lankaweb in the same year, warning the then government to take necessary action immediately on the establishment of Muslim Madrasas, so that possible problems in the future, can be avoided. I also presented this matter as one of my observations’ in a  Cabinet Memorandum in 2009 regarding the NGO Al Haj Adul Jawad Alim Valiyullah Trust. The highly harmful consequences of inaction in this regard, on the part of the then government, is well evident today.   

MUSLIM MADRASAS – implications for Sri Lanka

The recent trend in Sri Lanka has been the establishment of Muslim Madrasas in various names – a major Madrasas that has been proposed to be established is in the form of an  NGO  called Al Haj Adul Jawad Alim Valiyullah Trust.

Muslim Madrasas in several countries have been identified today, to be education and training centres of Muslim fundamentalism, extremism and violence, especially those in Muslim dominated countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan alone has more than 13,000 mandasas of which many are said to be promoting Muslim fundamentalism and extremism.  It is noteworthy that Madrasas have been banned in several non-Muslim countries. It is widely reported that some Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders have obtained radical political views at Madrasas.

Some allege that Madrasas provide Islamic extremism and militancy and are a recruiting ground for terrorism. Some Mandasa are well recorded to be promoting a militant form of Islam and teach and train Muslim students to fight non-believers and stand against the moral standards of the western society. Some who have investigated the functioning of certain Madrasas  say that they are wholly concerned with teaching violence. The suicide bombers involved in the July 2005 London terror attack are said to have spent time in Pakistani Madrasas.

Details of the curriculum and training activities of Muslim Madrasas, already started in Sri Lanka and especially of those proposed to be established in Sri Lanka should necessarily be known in full in order to avoid possible socio-religious problems in the future.  This trend should receive cautious attention by all Sri Lankans, including members of the Muslim community, some of whom may not be fully aware of this trend and more, about the possible negative impacts of this trend.

It is necessary that we take necessary action to avoid possible problems in the future that can have serious direct and indirect negative social-religious-political implications for the nation as a whole. It is important that authorities, especially religious leaders in our country take serious note of this trend. There need to be an open dialogue and polite interaction between the Muslim leaders and other religious communities in the country, in order to have an in-depth understanding of the specific mission and specific objectives of establishing Madrasas in this country.

In some countries such as India, Pakistan, Afganistan and Bangladesh, Muslims are among the most deprived communities in terms of education and therefore establishment of certain type of Madrasas for basic educational purposes has become necessary and most people find them to be affordable as compared to other educational institutions in these countries. This is definitely not the case with Sri Lanka where there is no Muslim educational deprivation or backwardness as far as the Muslims are concerned. In fact, our school system is open to all Muslims if they wish to attend them, and there are many Muslim students attending regular schools in Sri Lanka. Also, there are exclusively Muslim national schools in Sri Lanka and importantly, most international schools in the country are owned and operated by Muslims where Muslim students predominate.

Madrasas as educational institutions are said to offer instructions in Islamic subjects including but not limited to the Quoran. It also includes Jurisprudence or “figh” and Muslim law or Sharia Law and the teaching and practice of “sufi” which encompasses Islamic mysticism. These teachings and practices should be investigated and known in sufficient detail in order to understand their impact on social harmony and national unity and solidarity in Sri Lanka.

If Muslim Sharia law is given official recognition by means of registering Madrasas as NGOs, it can result in serious legal problems in the future. There can be only one law in our country and that is a secular law which is applicable to all citizens irrespective of their ethnicity or religious affiliations. There is no need to introduce any other law, especially religious law such as Muslim Sharia Law, and cause problems in our country.

It is known that Muslim Madrasas work in collaboration with other foreign Muslim organizations and Madrasas in providing vocational training for Muslim youth. This again should be of concern to Sri Lanka.

In the light of the increased interest in the country for consolidation of national unity, divisive tendencies of any nature should not be encouraged under any circumstances.  With our massive success in containing LTTE terrorism and our determined efforts to bring the various communities together as One Nation, it is important that divisive tendencies in our society be eliminated. This is especially necessary in the light of a national resurgence that is clearly noticeable in the country at the present time and increased interest in fully restoring democratic principles of social organization. It is important that we try to prevent polarization of our communities by all means available.

Dr Daya Hewapathirane

Advisor to the President of Sri Lanka

March 2009



May 6th, 2019

Deny, delay, evade, confuse, mislead and if everything fails, cry!”

Be careful when questioning Islamists! They are permitted by the Koran to lie unashamedly to deceive anyone who they consider to be their opponents or enemy. It is called Taqiyya.

Be careful of artful deception and deceit – they are masters at the game and well versed in debating! 
At the recent talk-shows after the Easter Sunday Massacre, it is clear how Muslims and Muslim Clerics respond to the line of questioning by the moderators as well as from other participants.

The moderators have a set of questions they have planned to ask. Many are in a hurry to go through one and to get to the other. There is no concerted attempt to follow one question until an acceptable reply or explanation is received.

Islamists are experts in the art of evading the question, confusing the moderator, the interlocutor and taking the main line of questioning to an area where he is most comfortable. These are some of the tactics they use. If everything fails ‘tears’ – The tears in the eyes of the Moulavi on 24 April at the Aluth Parlimentuwa,  Derana TV program are so real that it brings tears to any listener! These tears appeared in another TV program exactly in the same fashion and in the same order – they were so real till we begin to understand the gist of what is happening!

This is what Militant Islam is about. The fact that it is about world domination is not a secret anymore. The Caliphate declared by Baghdadi is to include the whole of India and Sri Lanka. The number of weapons found all over Sri Lanka, including mosques in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday killings – bombs, bomb-making materials, guns, swords, knives and other apparatus for killing are a clear indication of what was lying in store for the Sinhalese in particular and for others who are not Muslim in the island. The number of words and how these would have been used is unthinkable and bring shudders to any sane human being. When the Minister of Muslim Affairs was asked about the swords his explanation was that they were to be used for ‘cutting grass’ in their cemeteries! A classic example of Taqiyya!

They will point out one part of the Koran which is outwardly peaceful in order to hide a vast majority of sayings which are absolutely hate-filled and anti-social. 
At one point the Prophet has said that the killing of one human being is equivalent to the killing of the whole of humanity. Elsewhere it says to kill the non-believer if he does not convert to Islam.

The Koran must be understood in its totality and not in parts to declare whether it is a document that promotes peace in the world. What the Prophet preached to the Meccans in the early years of his life is different from that was preached in Medina at a later stage. This is what is called the Medina Agenda which is more warlike and used for warfare, which was the beginning of the Caliphate that finally led to the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, Mogul Empire in India and other conversions to Islam by less warlike activities – mainly deception in South East Asia. These ideas are now followed by Wahabbis throughout the world for the same purpose as before – world domination!

World Governments are guilty of this overlook or rather wilful ‘overlook’ because of the lure of Oil and riches these resources entail! Today thousands of young men are taking up arms following this call to kill the INFIDEL as per the Medina Agenda, while conveniently forgetting that killing one human being is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity as preached to the Meccans!

Exposing the truth about the Koran is an undertaking for the world governments before they are all fooled into believing what is stated in this holy book in full. Young Muslim children the world over are drilled in this ideology in Islamic Schools called Madrassas the world over. What is taught and drilled into these children at an impressionable age and who are the teachers are not closely monitored by governmental authorities anywhere in the world.
 Even if they are told that they are Muslims and that they are different from the others who are not Muslim –  is good enough to turn a child later into a young terrorist capable of killing Non-Muslims!

In Sri Lanka, Middle Eastern money and Muslim votes play a major part in the political thinking and resulting action. For the moment, the Muslim vote bank is a crucial part in the composition of the votes any single political party can muster and hence the outcome at an election! The current government will lose her majority in the parliament if the Muslim parties deny their support. The extent to which the current – ‘here there and mostly nowhere’ government will take action to bring to book the real leaders – other than the simple radicalised Muslim is yet to be seen. All what is seen are actions of the Security Forces in the island and not concerted actions of a responsible government.

A Buddhist priest is languishing in jail sentenced for 19 years with hard labour for merely shouting at a witness at a court of law. Sri Lankan people are witnessing the completely asymmetrical way the Sinhalese, especially the Sinhala Buddhists are treated and how others are treated. How politics will metamorphose in the coming days and months will be very interesting!

Listen to Ayaan Hirsi Ali a former Muslim about Taqiyya.

US & UK must stop interfering in other nations if they want to stop terrorism – Ken Livingstone

May 3rd, 2019

Ken Livingstone is an English politician, he served as the Mayor of London between 2000 and 2008. He is also a former MP and a former member of the Labour Party.

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US & UK must stop interfering in other nations if they want to stop terrorism – Ken Livingstone

Security personnel stand guard in front of St Anthony’s Shrine Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 29, 2019 © Reuters / Danish Siddiqui

The vast majority of people who believe in God are appalled by terrorism and we should no more be denouncing the Muslim community today than we did the Irish Catholic one forty years ago.

The world watched with horror as our TV screens showed the killing of at least 253 people in Sri Lanka, as locals went to their Sunday churches and holidaymakers relaxed in their hotels. This came shortly after the equally horrific mass murder of Muslims at prayers in New Zealand mosques.

All around the world people fear the rise of terrorism and increasingly people believe the real threat comes from the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. But the truth is Islamist terror incidents have been reducing across the world and particularly in the West since 2014. The decline of Islamist terror incidents has been matched by a surge of terror attacks by far-right racists which make up a third of terror attacks around the world.

Most people will find this surprising because our media focuses on Islamist terror rather than that of the far-right. In a recent report published by the Guardian, Scott Atran, who is a founder of the Centre of the Resolution of Intractable Conflict at the University of Oxford, revealed that attacks by Muslims received over four times more coverage in the media in the US than other terrorist incidents. Also on ‘I’ll never forget the scene’: Sri Lankan cricketer recalls bomb attack horror

So, is Islam the natural home of terrorism as implied by so much of our media coverage? To discover the truth, we need to look at the teachings of the founder of Islam, the prophet Mohammed. Born in 570 AD, he was the son of a poor merchant who was orphaned at the age of six and reared by his grandfather to be a merchant. Although he continued as a trader he was drawn to religion claiming he received revelations by the angel Gabriel and just like Jesus Christ he was a strong advocate that the rich should provide more support for the poorest. He started with a small band of devoted followers but within a decade had gained control over all of what is today’s Arabia.

Shortly before he died on 8th June 632 he delivered his last sermon which stands out as remarkably liberal: An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab any superiority over an Arab. Also, a white has no superiority over a black nor a black any superiority over a white.” He then went on to say that God had created humanity and formed you into tribes and nations so that you may get to know one another.” Not so you may fight or oppress or occupy or convert or terrorise but so that you can get to know one another.”

So, if these are the rules laid down by the founder of Islam how can someone like Osama bin Laden plan the murder of over 3,000 Americans in the attack on the Twin Towers back in 2001 and do the Sri Lankan terrorists even know that this was the message of Mohammed. And if they do how could they justify the monstrous crime they unleashed on their Christian neighbours.

The grim fact is that every faith has its extremist elements. The Ku Klux Klan, which hanged thousands of black Americans identified as a Christian organisation. Back in 2015, Rabbi Benzi Gopstein was asked in an interview: Do you support the burning of churches in Israel?” He replied that of course, he was in support. This unleashed a wave of criticism, but Israel’s attorney general refused to prosecute him for this extreme statement. Since 2009, at least fifty-three mosques and churches have been vandalised in Israel. Perhaps one thing that could have fuelled Islamist extremism is the fact that the great mosque al-Masjid al-Kabir was destroyed by Israeli missiles on 8th July 2014 and the PLO claim that sixty-three mosques have been destroyed by Israel.

The growth of far-right terrorism is seen as being fuelled by Islamist threats. Dylann Roof killed nine African American churchgoers in South Carolina in 2015 and said he was Like a Palestinian in an Israel jail after killing nine people… the Palestinian would not be upset or have any regret.” Nor can we forget the vast number of Norwegian young socialists who were killed by Anders Breivik. Also on Weapons ending up with terrorists is OK, as long as Obama did it: The world according to CNN

I could go on endlessly listing terrorist attacks but it’s more important that we can look at what we can do to restrain them. How can we create a less violent, more tolerant world by dealing with what fuels the anger that leads to these acts of terrorism? Undoubtedly for many the terrible poverty has been a factor but as we saw with the terror attacks in Sri Lanka many of the individuals involved were relatively well-off.

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the major causes of the rise of terrorism has been the foreign policy of US presidents who have consistently interfered in Arab states for decades. In July 1979, President Jimmy Carter was briefed by the CIA about what was happening in Afghanistan. At that time the Afghan government was pro-Soviet and firmly clamped down on Islamist extremism whilst promoting equal rights for women. The CIA told President Carter that if the US started providing arms for the Muslim groups that were fighting to overthrow the pro-Soviet government, this could provoke the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan and ‘it would be their Vietnam.’ Carter agreed, the Soviet Union invaded and forty years on the violence in Afghanistan continues.

The United Nations has just reported that the Afghan government, with US support, has killed more civilians in the first quarter of 2019 than the Taliban and other Islamist groups. American air strikes caused 140 deaths, a quarter of the total. The Afghan government was responsible for a fifth of deaths. Altogether 581 civilians have been killed and 1,192 injured between January and March.

We still live with a similar consequence in Iraq, following the invasion unleashed by US President George W Bush and UK PM Tony Blair. The West’s involvement in trying to overthrow the governments of Syria and Libya have been equally devastating in their consequences. Since 1945, the US has been responsible for many foreign invasions and coups to overthrow governments that they did not want to see continue in power. None of this was ever about defending human rights or democracy, it was always about defending US commercial interests.

The people of Britain and America were told we had to invade Iraq because it had weapons of mass destruction and had been linked to the 9/11 terror attacks in the US. The US Congress conducted a detailed investigation of this but when their report was published, twenty-eight pages were withheld. Had those pages been revealed Congress and the British House of Commons would not have voted to support the invasion of Iraq because these pages alleged that the funding for Osama bin Laden’s terrorist organisation came from Saudi Arabia. Also on Appalling that the UK govt supports the Saudi regime, one of the most brutal on Earth – Ken Livingstone

Of course, there are extreme religious elements that fuel terrorism. We know now that the slaughter in Sri Lanka was inspired by Zahran Hashim, a preacher whose video was released by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) claiming responsibility for the attacks. We know little about Hashim. He is believed to be about forty-years-old and was driven out of his town in Sri Lanka because of his extremist views. Many, if not most, of these terrorist attacks, whether by religious groups or the far-right are inspired by charismatic individuals.

If we are to stop terrorism, the US, and its main ally Britain, have to stop interfering in other nations and we also have to mobilise international pressure to stop Saudi Arabia funding terrorist organisations.

We also have to recognise the importance of religion in our world. Although I have been an atheist since the age of twelve, through all my time in politics I have engaged with different faiths. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, I was defending the Irish Catholic community here in Britain. In those days the IRA was letting off two or three bombs a year but the British media demonised the whole Irish Catholic community with one appalling cartoon depicting every Irish Catholic as a terrorist. The media coverage fuelled intolerance towards Catholics and there were many physical attacks just as is the case today with Muslims. The vast majority of people who believe in God are appalled by terrorism and we should no more be denouncing the Muslim community today than we did the Irish Catholic one forty years ago.

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