Pig-Headed Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Downfall!

Pig-Headed Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Downfall!


I want to join issue with Mallaiyuran. He “Tamils know the difference between Sumanthiran and CV. As a reliable person, CV is many times more favoured by Tamils. We recommended CV for EP, in CT. Can one single person show their supporting comments for our recommendations in CT?”

I don’t know from which part of the country Mallaiyuran hails from and why he is holding a brief for Wigneswaran. He is a clone of Wimal Weerawansa blaming everyone else except himself. His administration of the Northern Province is an unmitigated disaster. He would have faced the axe if not for TNA leader R.Sampanthan. He thought that like inducting Sumanthiran to the ITAK, Wigneswaran’s legal background will help Tamil politics. Instead, he kicked the ladder he used to climb as chief minister and bit the hand that fed him. He has formed a new party at the egging of some politically ambitious men like Kandiah Arunthavapalan who contested the last election and lost by a narrow margin. Wigneswaran simply has no stomach for the hurly-burly of politics. A disciple of the serial rapist and murderer (the 13 victims were orphaned children from Jaffna aged between 12-16. The scandal broke out when two girls who escaped from the Ashram made a complaint to the Puthukkoddai Police. It later transpired that one of the girls was pregnant. A DNA test showed Premananda was the father of the fêtes) some was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. The Supreme Court confirmed his sentence and admonished Wigneswaran, who gave evidence in defence of Premananda, dubbing him as a “visionary thinker”. The irony is Wigneswaran still remains a devoted disciple of Premananda having built a temple for the convicted rapist at Puiyankulam.

Sampanthan though related to N.R.  Rajavarothaiam, former MP, is NOT his son.

·      Shawn / December 20, 2018

Sharmi, you are right with the new idea of coming together of all the Super Stars from various parties to form a new movement. The old guards never leave until they die; that is bad for the country.
In the information age with social media like facebook and google, you don’t actually need to remain in the grand old parties in order to win any elections. People are looking for new ideas with talented leaders who have integrity. If you want to single out one hero from all the politicians out of this recent political coup, M. A. Sumanthiran would be the one who fought for the Constitution, rule of law and democracy in the Supreme Court as well as in the Parliament. He is a true hero and saved the country from becoming a Banana Republic. All, Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim should thank him. He is the new Sir. Pon Ramanathan who saved Sinhalese in the 1915 riots case.


Chauvinist / December 20, 2018

Without TNA’s support, RW hardly had a majority and Mr Sampanthan was gracious in relinquishing the position of Opposition Leader. It is an understatement that people are disappointed that no TNA member in the cabinet, to say the least. Mr Sumanthiran has demonstrated by his eloquent performance in the Supreme Court, he is eminently suitable for a cabinet position.
Paramount among the duties of the new government is to bring perpetrators of crimes to books.

Thanga / December 21, 2018

Sharimini’s write up is mostly empty rhetoric. Forming a political party is not that easy. You must have resources both human and financial. The politicians she mentioned have no stomach for the hurly-burly of politics. This is true of Sumanthiran who wants to quit politics if the constitutional process reaches a dead end.

What can be done is to educate the masses to pay attention to the economy first and last. If we can develop the country and create jobs and place at least one square meal a day on everyone’s plate that will eliminate the squabbling over religion, race and language. The Sinhalese people, by and large, are preoccupied with religion. Religion should be kept separate from the state. Leave the spiritual enlightenment of the people to the monks and priests. We see Buddhist priests fighting like underworld gangs in the streets.

Today, people take to politics to make money and hold power. Every MP on both sides of the divide wants to become a Minister! That is why we have jumbo cabinets since 1956.

I don’t buy the virulent criticism of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe. He is the best out of the bad lot. He is less communal compared to Sirisena and Rajapaksa. As for the Bond scam, the Presidential Commission appointed to investigate the sale of bonds had exonerated him of any wrongdoing, Critics say the government incurred Rs.11 billion ($65 million) on the bond issue. This is the price difference between what Perpetual Industries bought the bonds and sold same in the secondary market. The government has blocked Rs.11 billion from bank A/c of Perpetual Industries. So eventually there will be no loss to the government.

This subject has been overblown by RW’s political adversaries. Those who are beating their chests over this loss should explain why they are not blaming Rajapaksa s who played ducks and drakes with government funds?

What about the huge losses incurred by the Mihin Airways run by his brother-in-law? What about all the white elephants like Hambantota Harbour, Mattala international airport, international stadium, Rajapaksa Foundation at state expenses costing Rs.90 million etc etc.?

According to the Media Ministry sources payments to the following, state-owned media by Mahinda Rajapaksa have defaulted:-

Rupavahini Corporation – Rs. 206.1 million
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation – Rs. 51.7 million
Associated Newspapers Ceylon Limited – Rs. 124.9 million
ITN – Rs. 89.2 million
Wasantham TV – Rs. 4 million
Wasantham Radio – Rs. 11 million
Lakhanda radio – Rs. 6 million
State Printing Corporation – Rs. 592.6 million. Total – 1088.5 million. (https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/state-institutions-to-pay-over-a-billion-for-rajapaksa-led-advertising-on-state-media/)

More than the bond scam, I will blame RW for issuing import licences to 225 MPs and 45 Provincial Ministers. That was a big drain on the Treasury when the economy was ailing.

For the next 20 months, RW has to work with a revengeful and ignorant MS who continues to place roadblocks on his path.

Pig-Headed Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Downfall!

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