Let’s enter the new year with the resolve to help the needy


Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam       

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–Shiva Temple–         

Union Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 4AU

Tel: 0208 902 3238

(In affiliation with Peychi Amman Aalayam  (Reg: HA/5/BT/892) – Pulayaveli and Thambanamveli villages in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka)

16 December 2018


அன்பே  சிவம்  – Love is God!


Let’s enter the new year with the resolve to help the needy

Whilst rejoicing to farewell 2018 and celebrating the emerging 2019 that will pass through our traditional Tamil January 1st Thaipongal, let us engage with the determination to reach our people back home to improve their socio-economic status in a sustainable way.  Let’s stretch our hands with deep feelings and conviction and with that resolve, we appeal to you to support our tireless efforts to progress our socio-economic Village Development Projects in Sri Lanka.

‘Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean’

Your magnanimous reach of friendship will help progress our sustainable development program much further to other areas.

We appeal for:

  1. Financial donations: Those who are keen to assist can opt for payment at the temple counter, by bank transfer or forward your cheque to our temple address. Our bank details for remittances is: Bank – Barclays, Payee- Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam – Charity Projects Account, Account No – 03784495,  Sort Code : 20-38-83. Please ensure to confirm your name and address via our email address or post for us to send acknowledgement for the payment.  If your donation qualifies for Gift Aid Tax Relief we shall furnish you with a copy of Gift Aid receipt.
  2. Appeal for quality new/used clothes and other goods: We wholeheartedly thank all those who positively responded to our past two appeals for quality new /used clothes, toys and usable household goods. Your donations were well received by the needy recipients in Batticaloa and funds generated were invested projects development.

We further appeal to you for items listed below for despatch to Sri Lanka in the New Year. Effective networking with your relatives and friends will be of great aid for our outstanding work – which we are planning to extend to other needy war-affected areas and the upcountry.

Female Clothing                                                                                       Male Clothing

  1. Sarees                                                                                                  1. Trousers
  2. Blouses                                                                                                2. Shirts/T-shirts
  3. Surithars/Punjabis                                                                           3. Vestys
  4. Skirts                                                                                                     4. Shorts 

Children                                                                                                      General items 

  1. Summer clothing                                                             1. Up to 10 Reusable computers adoptable to Windows 10.
  2. Clean and reusable toys                                                 2. Printers
  3. Books                                                                                 3. Sewing machines

Please ensure items are usable, cleaned, ironed and folded neatly. We will return any unusable items at the point of delivery. Our collection drive will be on-going even after the next despatch to Sri Lanka in the New Year.


Our Village Development Project- Batticaloa-

A bridge building exercise

What have we undertaken so far:

Pulayaveli Village: 

  1. Acquired two pieces lands for agricultural and development work.
  1. Modernised the Easwara Vinayagar Temple

                (Temple before the present construction above)

  1. Constructed Peychi Amman Aalayam with all all-utilities required for daily worshipping.

             (Peychi Amman Temple before the present construction above)

  1. Bell Gopuram
  1. Walled and fenced around holy land dedicated to worship.
  1. Constructed roadside Luxmy shrine at the entry point to the village.
  1. Dug 8 bore wells and revived an abandoned tube well.
  1. Dug an open well to facilitate water for multiple purposes.
  1. Constructed house (Madapalli)  for the priest.
  1. Constructed an open stage for public cultural-religious events.
  1. Developing the biggest sports grounds in Batticaloa with semi-modern facilities.
  1. Constructed an office and retail store.
  1. Refurbishment and fencing of a derelict public building for village economic activities.
  2. Construction of mini Tamil school.
  1. Constructed temporary structures around an existing open well to ensure privacy for women.
  1. Constructed 4 bathrooms and toilets. One other refurbished.
  1. Developed  ¾ acre land for local cultivation.
  1. Small scale industries i.e., sewing centre, food processing and handicrafts are underway
  2. IT School to be strengthened further
  1. Sewing Centre
  1. Tree planting campaign.
  2. Empowerment programme is underway to nurture the villagers to manage themselves to implement our exit plan.

Outstanding work

  1. Children park
  2. Industrial estate
  3. Private School
  4. Hatcheries
  5. Greenhouse farm
  6. Weekend market.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thambanamveli Village Development Project:
    1. Construction of Naga Thambiran Temple underway



    1. Construction of Bell Gopuram underway


    1. Construction of common building for accommodation for the priest,

    administrative office, storeroom and a meeting room is underway.


    1. Construction of entry point arch underway.
    2. Tree planting campaign.

    Further plans

    1. Establishment of Kabana style commercial centre with multiple economic activities.
    2. Extend tree planting campaign.
    3. Refurbish derelict open well.
    4. Develop lands for local cultivation.
    5. Eravur Periya Thambiran Temple

    This is a collective project of Ealing Shree Kanaga Durgai Amman temple, Shree Katpaga Vinayagar Temple Walthamstow and Eelapatheeswarar AalayamWembley. Reconstruction work of derelict Periyathambiran Temple in Eravur, Batticaloa is currently underway.

    We hope to strengthen such collective efforts for wider participation and benefits for those in need. Thanking you for your continuous support for all our pioneering charitable work in Sri Lanka.


    Board Members, Shiva-Achariars (Priests), Staff and dedicated volunteers.

    Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam


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