Eela Patheswara Temple Wembley (UK) adopts two villages in the Eastern Province

Eela Patheswara Temple Wembley (UK) adopts two villages in the Eastern Province 

Eela Patheswara Temple Wembley (UK) have adopted two villages in the eastern province. The object is to convert them into model villages by Providing humanitarian assistance not individually, but collectively.  The temple management succeeded in providing drinking water which was in short supply.

The Eela Patheswara Temple  in Wembley is asking  special donations from the devotees for this project.

If only all the temples in Western Countries follow the example of Eela Patheswara Temple Wembley (UK) then we can make a difference in the life of our people.

If you watch the video at the URL below, you will observe the rich red solid found in these villages. That is a precious gift by nature.

Not only in the East, even in the North evangelical religions like the Pentecostal,  Jehovah Witness are busy converting Hindus by luring them with material help.

This is because the majority of temples are not interested in the welfare of our people. Their objective is to make money like a business entity.

In Canada, temples have mushroomed everywhere, especially in Toronto. Money is wasted in conducting festivals and performing other rituals. As far I know not one temple is helping our people back home.

Thirumoolar who is the leading Siththar exhorts people to give food to the poor instead of giving it  to the god, because if you give it  to the people, it will as good as giving it to god in the temple.  He was a moral philosopher who teaches the ethics of non-violence (ahimsa), abstinence from meat eating and alcohol. He declares “love is God”, proclaims the unity of mankind and God and stresses the acquisition of knowledge.

I wish to commend the temple management and the devotees for their excellent service to the poor and the needy.


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