He favoured the 13A but not solutions that were “unacceptable to the majority [Sinhala] community”.

He favoured the 13A but not solutions that were “unacceptable to the majority [Sinhala] community”

Veluppillai Thangavelu

Those who are jumping on their seats and losing sleep over  Modi’s  BJP government should read and digest the brutal ethnoreligious centric stance of Sri Lanka Prime Minister  Mahinda Rajapaksa.

He says ” that he favoured the 13A but not solutions that were “unacceptable to the majority [Sinhala] community”. This is unadulterated and crass racism. Could Prime Minister Modi speak in the same way as Rajapaksa? He cannot. The so-called pseudo- secularists will ask for his blood.

Tamils are not asking for special status. To say so reveals ignorance.  Tamils are only asking for the full implementation of 13A under which all 9 Provincial Councils were created in 1987 following the Indo-Ceylon agreement signed between Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and President J.R. Jayawardene. Under 13 A  land and Police powers were vested with Provincial Councils, but successive  Sri Lankan governments are refusing to fully implement the constitutional amendment.  Worse the government is getting away scot-free!

Whereas Buddhism and Buddhist historical and heritage sites are preserved in India at great cost, in Sri Lanka Buddhist viharas and Buddha’s statues are mushrooming in Tamil dominated areas every day. The North and East of Sri Lanka which is the traditional habitat of Tamils and Hinduism is occupied by a 250,000 strong army. The army consists of Sinhala – Buddhists and they are constructing Buddhist viharas for their worship.

The Congress – DMK government helped Sri Lanka to annihilate the LTTE which fought for independence. Even Mahinda confesses to this truth. “Sri Lanka would not have defeated the LTTE if not for India’s help” brags Mahinda.

The Indian Congress and Marxists who are opposing the CAA because it discriminates against Muslims forget the historical fact that Pakistan was created on the basis of religion! Muslim League leader Jinnah proclaimed that Muslims who eat cow cannot coexist with Hindus who worship cows!

And surprisingly the opposition to the CAA comes from Islamic outfits!  These forces want India to open its borders to Muslim illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This will only end in India becoming, sooner or later,  an Islamic Republic!

Tamils in Sri Lanka are discriminated and treated as second class citizens because they are Tamil speaking. They are also discriminated because they are Hindus. Sri Lanka was a Hindu country before the Naga king Devanampioya Tissa was converted to Buddhism in the second century BC.

It is not enough for Prime Minister Modi to hope that he is confident that “the Government of Sri Lanka will realise the expectations of the Tamil people for equality, justice, peace, and respect within a united Sri Lanka. For this, it will be necessary to carry forward the process of reconciliation with the implementation of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.”

Prime Minister Modi can talk but Mahinda will not listen. That is the reality. Sri Lanka is playing the China card deftly to extract concessions from India.

It is time the South Block stop mollycoddling Sri Lanka which is a Sinhala racist/Buddhist religious state that discriminates and oppresses the Tamil Hindus with impunity!

Sajith Premadasa is immatured and behaves like a school student.  He is a man in a hurry. How can he win the election when he was fighting with the leader of the UNP at every turn? He insulted him by ditching him the chance to speak at the inaugural meeting of the release of UNP manifesto.  His only qualification is that he is the son of President Premadasa. If Wickremesinghe is a loser, so is Sajith. He lost his own electorate to SLPP. That should have given him food for thought. He did not.

Humility should be the hallmark of a leader. In Parliament, he never spoke on burning issues faced by the people. He never or seldom attended cabinet meetings. Instead, he spent time in parks. Wickremesinghe is accused as a serial loser at the polls. He would have won the 2005 elections if not for the LTTE. The LTTE took a huge bribe – Rs.500 million – from Rajapaksa (the cheque was drawn by the Central Bank and handed over to Elilkanthan who was the proxy of LTTE.

What went wrong with Wickremesinghe was his attempt to shield Arjuna Mahendra. Instead of firing him he took him as his economic advisor. He increased the salary of public servants and pensioners which helped to bankrupt the Treasury. Thirdly, he allowed the import of luxury vehicles to MPs, Provincial Councillors, Doctors and even some lawyers. All these showed he is not on common ground with farmers and ordinary people who toil all day to survive.

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