The Sinhalese politicians of all hues used the Muslims during the war against the LTTE. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime created the Muslim Home Guards, provided military training and weapons to fight the LTTE, but the Muslim leaders used the Muslim Home Guards to attack Tamil villages bordering Muslim majority villages. More than 100 Tamil villages once 100% of Tamil villages have been turned into 100% Muslim villages.  Tamil Villages like Meeraodai, Thevadduvan, Oddamavadi (40% Tamils) are 100% Muslims now.

The arming of the Muslims to fight the Tamils was like the US enlisting the Taliban to fight the Soviet forces in the nineties. After the Soviet forces withdrew, the Taliban turned the guns on the USA, its creator. It is a similar situation in the Eastern province. April 21st Easter Sunday attacks on 3 churches and 4 hotels say it all. The National Towheeth Jamat is a creation of the successive Sinhala governments. More than 36 members of the NTJ were only the payroll of the army intelligence with full knowledge of the then Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. Now he is bragging he will wipe out Islamic terrorism after creating and feeding the NTJ outfit.

The deadly attacks on Catholic Churches and % star hotels would have been avoided if the CID  acted swiftly on the confession obtained from the driver of the NTJ that the murder of the two policemen at Vavunathivu were carried out by the members of the NTJ. Instead, a muddle-headed and jaundiced CID arrested two ex-LTTE cadres and announced that one of them had confessed to the murder!

Tamil-Muslim Relations In The Eastern Province


As the author of this artcle pinpoints ALMA  Hizbulla boasted that he as Minister of  District Development in Batticaloa destroyed the Kali Hindu Temple in Oddamavadi and built in its place a market with meat stalls.  The question is how did he get away with this blatant land grab? Claiming Islam  means submission/peace/surrender is a ruse to hoodwing followers of other faiths.

A  close look at the global scene will show that wars are fought mostly in Muslim countries like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and earlier Iraq.

Middle oil wealth has clearly given Islam a boost across the world. The Sharia University built by Hizbulla at a cost of Rs.3,600 million was funded by Saudi Arabia/wealthy Saudis. According to another source the funds were foreign aid and  yet  another claim was made that this institution was funded by an interest-free loan to the Hira Foundation. Hizbulla is the Chairman of Hira Foundation and his son holds 500 million  worth of shares!

Saudi Arabia which is known for funding institutes that radicalize youth and draws them towards Saudi brand of Islam and Sharia law.

Not suprisingly this too was done  during Mahinda Rajapaksa the self proclaimed messiah of Sinhala Buddhists. It was under the guise of foreign  investment. For all intents and purposes it was a Muslim University mean to serve Muslims around the globe. It has plan to train 1,500 ulamas.


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