We have to build a society with a scientific temper for progress - Nakkeeran
By: Nakkeeran

Source: TamilCanadian - September 29, 2007 http://www.tamilcanadian.com/page.php?cat=563&id=5208

Accuses Indian astrologers of exploiting gulliblity of sick Tamils

Is it possible for Thamils to queue up in their hundreds in Toronto which is littered with more than 60 Hindu temples to buy a book which convincingly denounces astrology as a pseudo science? The answer is a resounding "yes" !

Canada Kandasamy temple hall overflowed with people on September 08, 2007 (Saturday) for the release of the book "Astrology is Hoax" (Sothidap Puraddu). Easily this was the largest crowd ever to attend a book release event in Toronto barring books authored by LTTE political advisor late Thiru Anton Balasingham and Adele Balasingham.

The function commenced with the lighting of the lamp, singing of Bharathiyar's Thamil anthem and a welcome dance by Saraniya Anandarajah and Sindujah Vivekanandan - students of Vassu Sinnarasa master.

Thiru M.K.Eelaventhan, MP was the chief guest and the function was presided over by Nakkeeran who is also the author of the book Sothidap Puraddu.

Thirumathy Bavani Tharmakulasingham welcomed the guest and the gathering.

Delivering his special address Thiru M.K. Eelaventhan, MP said "the 600 page book could be described as the magnum opus of Nakkeeran. The author quoting extensively from astronomical works has convincingly proved that astrology is indeed a hoax without any scientific basis. It is highly ridiculous for any one to think in the context of today's human advancement in space exploration across the solar system and scientific discoveries that heavenly objects like planets and stars that are millions and millions of miles away determine, even remotely, the fate of individuals living in this world." Speaking further Eelaventhan said "astrology is a superstitious belief that had become the curse of our society. Saivait Saints like Gnanasampathar rejected the notion that planets are capable of harming or influencing individuals."

Earlier a power - point presentation explaining the Birth of the Universe (The Big Bank Theory), formation of galaxies, stars and solar systems, how the motions of planets around the sun were solved by Copernican Heliocentric Universe as opposed to Aristotle's Geocentric Universe, the scientific explanation for the cause of sun and moon eclipses etc. The presentation designed by Thirumagal Balakumar and presented by Nakkeeran was well appreciated by the audience.

The author of the book was introduced to the audience by Thiru Raj Gunanathan, president of Tamil Rehabilitation Organization.

The first copy of the book was received by Thiru. and Thirumathy. Chelvanayagam, Martyr family.

Thirumathy Vaanathy, editor Muzhakkam and Thiru Shanmugam Kugathasan, Executive Director, Academy of Arts and Technology critiqued the book.

Chief Guest Thiru M.K.Eelaventhan was garlanded by Thiru. Raj Gunanathan, president TRO, Thiru V.Thurairajah, President Tamil Eelam Society and Thiru K.Ganeshalingam, president Academy of Tamil Arts and Technology. Thiru Sitha Sittampalam, president World Tamil Movement and Thiru K.Sivasekeram, vice-president TRO honoured the guest by covering him with golden shawls. Prof.Joseph Chandrakanthan, president Tamil Canadian Congress (CTC) gave away the Memorial plaque.

A play titled "Whose Child?" was staged by Thiru Rasaiah and Thirumathy Meera Rasaiah and Venthan. It was directed by Thiru Sivam Paramanathan.

Thiru Nakkeeran in his acceptance speech emphasised the need to get rid of the Tamil society of superstitious beliefs and create scientific temper among the people for progress. He criticised the dozens of Indian astrologers who have opened shops in Toronto. He accused them of exploiting the gullibility of sick Tamils and extracting thousands of dollars to get rid of  their alleged thoshas. He appealed to the audience to drive these astrologers out of Toronto and back to India.

He thanked all and everyone for the show of support and presence. He especially thanked the chief guest who has flown via Tokyo to attend the event.

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            July 15, 2007 

             Media release

          Thamil Creative Writers Associatio


Muzhakkam Weekly Newspaper


Joint Release  

Sothidappuraddu (Astrology is Hoax)


Venue  - Kandasamy Temple Hall, 733 Birchmount Road,(Birchmount
                            & Eglinton), Scarborough, ON.


Date    - September 08, (Saturday) 2007


Time    -  5.30 pm


Chief Guest M.K.Eezhaventhan,  M.P., Sri Lanka  


    All well wishers and friends are cordially invited


           Science is your Asset but Astrology is Hoax 



              Contact 416 281 1165; 416 335 9642, 416 261 9099