Communist Party (M) of India Invites JVP Satan to Supper!


V.Thangavelu, President TCWA

I am not amused that the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has invited the Janatha Vimukti Peramuna (JVP) to the 18th congress of the CPI (M) Conference that is being held in New Delhi. It is nothing short of inviting Satan to supper!

JVP, masquerading as a pseudo-Marxist party, has gained notoriety as a virulent Sinhala racist outfit that opposes any democratic solution  to the national question based on sharing of power between the Sinhala Nation and the Thamil Nation. Why this party which is wedded to Sinhala racism in its purest form is still described in the media as a Marxist party is a mystery. In spite of JVP  pretence to be a Marxist party,  its leader Somawansa Amerasinghe has categorically said that his party is opposed to federalism as a resolution to end the bloody 20 years ethnic conflict.

Lenin advanced the freedom of an oppressed nation to secede as a universal socialist principle of workers' democracy. He stated that the struggle of an oppressed nation to secede as a revolutionary mass action and a necessary part of the proletarian attack on bourgeoisie. According to Lenin “Self-determination of nations in the Marxist programme cannot, from a historico-economic point of view, have any other meaning than political self-determination, state independence and formation of a nation state.”

And Joseph Stalin said  “a nation is  a historically evolved, stable community of language, territory, economic life and psychological make-up manifested in a community of culture ……..It is generally accepted that a nation possess a common ethnic identity, a continuous linguistic and cultural tradition, a defined territory as homeland, a common way of life and a shared historical experience. It is all these together that generate in a nation a dominating sense of collective consciousness which gives it the capacity and the will for political organization.”

In most cases, certainly in the case of  multi-ethnic Sri Lanka, where two or more nations live together in a single state, the political structure has to be federal, each nation having an autonomous state, with mutually agreed degrees of centralization or devolution  for the preservation of its separate identity, language and culture.  

However, the JVP burying its head in the sand like the ostrich refuses to see the reality of the existence of a Thamil nation  possessing a common ethnic identity, a continuous linguistic and cultural tradition, a defined territory as homeland, a common way of life and a shared historical experience.

Speaking at the 34th commemorative meeting of the 1971 uprising at Anurhadapura,   Amerasinghe said that his party will campaign against a federal system of government in Sri Lanka.

Alluding to President Chandrika Kumaratunga’s statement that 80 percent of the public of Sri Lanka approves federalism, the JVP Leader said, “we will reduce the 80 percent to 20 percent.”

But this same self-styled rabid communist, chooses to live in luxury in England, and not in a communist country, like the one he is trying to turn Sri Lanka into. And Somawansa values his own skin a lot more than any of those his party has killed and says that should the LTTE kill him 50,000 JVP cadres will join the army and defeat the Tigers!  This shows that his arrogance knows no bounds. In his new found status as Kingmaker, he has now taken the stand that the LTTE should be destroyed militarily.


Obviously the JVP has sacrificed socialist principles, if any, for chauvinist pandering. Its current stance on the national question will make even other extremist Sinhala chauvinistic outfits like the Hela Urumaya green with envy!


The JVP is also opposed to the setting up of a joint Tsunami relief mechanism with the LTTE to re-build the Northeast devastated by the tsunami disaster. Even after a lapse of  more than 3 months the tsunami victims continue to wallow under economic deprivation, grinding poverty and despair! 


During last year’s general elections JVP along with the PA were beating the racist drum by claiming that there was a "secret pact between the UMP and the LTTE” and “a vote for the UNP is a vote for division of the country.” One can understand the PA since its main constituent the SLFP is founded on the bed rock of Sinhala racism and Buddhist hegemony, but for the "Marxist" JVP it was a tall order!


Just two weeks ago, the JVP member of parliament representing Trincomalee tried to settle illegally hundreds of Sinhalese on land belonging to the Trincomalee Urban Council! Unsurprisingly, not a single Thamil was to be given any allotment under JVP’s illegal land grab!


It is this very same JVP which in the late eighties killed hundreds of Thamil businessmen and destroyed their shops and factories in an orgy of well organized naked violence!  The JVP did not spare Sinhalese either. A far-reaching campaign of terror throughout the south launched by the JVP resulted in an estimated 60,000 Sinhalese rural youth slaughtered to death. Many of the killings carried out by the JVP were bizarre, perverted and sadistic -  fathers gunned down before their children,  whole families locked up in houses and burned alive and people decapitated, their severed heads strung up on parapet walls.  Chandrika Kumaratunga's own husband was gunned down by JVP ‘comrades’.


Crimes attracting a JVP death penalty included going to work on JVP 'curfew' days, watching television and selling or consuming goods, including medicines, of Indian origin. JVP also carried its anti-Indian phobia to absurd limits by executing Sinhalese who ate Bombay onions and Mysore dhal imported from India! 


Ironically, the pseudo –Marxist JVP leaders  lambaste  the  USA during the day, but  have the habit of making  unsavoury secret visits to the US Embassy  after sun set! The duplicity of their conduct is incredible.


The JVP does not spare even moderate Sinhalese who favour a just and peaceful political settlement of the ethnic conflict.  Wimal Weerawansa, Propaganda Secretary of the JVP, has attacked Prof. Jayadeva Uyangoda, a former leader of the JVP, derogatively calling him the don of the NGO mafia in the University of Colombo.


Weerawansa also lambasted Kumar Rupasingha, describing him as “a traitor to the (Sinhala) nation. He is a greater Tiger than the LTTE. Kumar Rupasingha is hoodwinking the media. His main job is sending daily intelligence reports about this country to his foreign masters. He is running an NGO called Foundation for Co-existence with Swarna Mallawaratchi (former Sinhala cinema actress).


Weerawansa also criticized   the Marxist groups led by Vasudeva Nanayakkara and Wickramabahu Karunaratna, saying that these are not leftist parties but NGOs funded lackeys of outside forces.


Of course the CPI (M)  leaders themselves are no angels in politics. They have staged countless number of political summersaults all under the cloak of Marxism!


During World War 11 they supported the British Raj because Soviet Union asked them to do so. When Communist China under Comrade Mao Ze Dong attacked India, after years of Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai propaganda, comrades in India indulged in so much rhetoric, if not actually defending China. This at a time when Indian soldiers were fighting and dying in the biting cold on the treacherous border with China.


When Indira Gandhi proclaimed Emergency rule in 1975 and rounded up hundreds of political leaders and threw them behind bars,   the CPI (M) shamefully supported her  rape of democracy!


Thamil nationalists around world  should rally to defeat majoritarian communal forces masquerading as “Marxists.”  The racist JVP  publicly denies the basic and fundamental rights of the Thamil people for self-determination. It is all out  to impose Sinhala hegemony down Thamil people throats.  The Thamils, therefore,  have a duty to un-mask the JVP’s deception, perfidy and treachery.  CPI (M) is already a victim of JVP’s hypocrisy and deceit!   (April 03. 2005)




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